Like most people around the world right now, I’ve been practicing social distancing and staying at home as much as possible. To keep myself occupied outside of work, I’ve been catching up on my reading and am writing down my thoughts on them as a little side-project. Last week, a dear friend of mine brought this stunning edition of Crescent City for me back from the UK. She originally was going to go all the way from Cardiff to Birmingham to attend the tour event just so my spoiled self can have this copy. I’m forever going to be thankful for her friendship and will always be reminded of this every time I look at my bookshelf!

I’m not a fast reader, nor is it often that I actually spend long periods of time reading in one go as quiet time is not something Thor lets me have often, but like all of the previous Sarah J Maas books, I binged hard on this one and finished it in a few days. Fun fact: SJM’s Throne of Glass was the first book that got me back into reading after a reading hiatus that started in Uni! Fanart for the series popped up on my Pinterest page and I looked into the books… and ran out to buy an e-reader the next day (as well as the entire TOG series…and very quickly after, the ACOTAR series). So you can imagine how excited I was for Crescent City.

While reading CC I have to admit, I had mixed feelings. I absolutely adored the setting, which is a more modern setting that sees the mingling of magic and technology, and has a multitude of different species of beings living in one place. The political and cultural climate of the city was also quite interesting to me, albeit a teensy bit confusing at times. I have some predictions that in future books it will become more relevant to the series…but I’ll have to wait to see if I was right!

I also fell in love with every. single. character.- especially Ruhn! I read some other reviews that complained about certain characters, but I found them all to be so interesting in their own ways and it was fascinating to learn throughout what makes them tick. There were a few characters that had minor-ish roles in this book that (it’s hinted in the epilogue) might play a bigger part in future installments of the series and I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to learn more about them. Especially a certain kitty cat!

There were a couple factors that did make me feel a little iffy while readying, but in the end, did not impact my final opinion. You don’t really get too much insight into Bryce’s character until much later in the book- to the point where towards the end it feels like a big last minute dump of info. Granted, a lot of the info that gets revealed was hinted at quite a bit throughout. I did find that sometimes these allusions can be so glaringly obvious that I found them a little annoying and took a way from some big reveals later on. Some parts of the book felt like they were only there as filler, rather than to add anything story-wise.

Like other SJM books, there is a fair bit of repetition as well, but I found it easy to ignore. All males tend to be “big, powerful walls of muscle,” every character is stunning, and there is, as usual, a lot of growling and snarling.

Overall, I have to say that I do highly recommend checking it out and maybe even pushing it a little higher on your TBR. It has been a few days since I’ve finished it and I’m still processing everything that happened and seeking out as much fanart as I possibly can to keep my love for all the characters alive. I definitely feel like I need to have the next book in my hands ASAP and that I need to do a re-read at some point soon to revisit this awesome universe and to look for things I might have missed in my first read-through. Crescent City is solid 5/5 from me!

Another big thank you and shout to one of my dearest friends Laila, for being willing to travel so far just to get me a book <3.

Potential trigger warnings: suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, phyiscal abuse

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