I just HAD to post a quick spoiler on the Owlcrate edition of Ruthless Gods by Emily. A Duncan! While my copy of Wicked Saints is the signed Indigo edition, I decided to spoil myself a little this year and get the black OC cover for the second book in the Something Dark and Holy triology, Ruthless Gods.

Like their edition of Wicked Saints, Ruthless Gods has a black cover, instead of white. The inside of the dust jacket also has some gorgeous artwork by Dri Gomez that is just SO stunning! On the hardback there is also red foiling that spells out “King of Moths, King of Blood, King of Horrors”.

The book also came with a pin designed by Alchemy & Ink, as well as the preorder postcard that has such cool spopoky vibes!

How cool is this edition?! I can’t wait to see how the next book looks!

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