I’m so excited about my first unboxing post! I love receiving mail….especially when that mail contains books! For the past year I’ve been trying out different book subscription boxes and I’ve found three favourites that I go between each month – Illumicrate being one of my top faves!

They definitely did not disappoint for this month’s box and I cannot stop looking at the beautiful exclusive edition of the book! ALSO, and I’m still in shock about this, it arrived in Canada from the UK in less than 48 hours! Usually my book boxes take 1.5-2 weeks!!!

Obviously, spoilers ahead, so consider yourself warned!

First up is this month’s book: The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant! This STUNNING Illumicrate edition has a rose gold foiled cover instead of gold, and exclusive hidden cover, black sprayed edges, and is machine signed. I really don’t think that my photos do it justice! A just-as-amazing matching pin from Fable & Black came with it (though I think there is a grammatical error on it!) and I couldn’t wait to stick it on my pin banner.

Next is the Villains-inspired mug designed by Rosie Thorns! I haven’t read the series yet, but I can’t wait to enjoy some tea when I do get to them. If you aren’t familiar with her art, she creates these gorgeous pieces made of paper! Seriously, check out her work!

The third item that I immediately fell in love with was a foiled print of my (current) favourite literary couple: Bryce and Hunt by Elithien Art. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the gold foil really this already beautiful art something special!

Next up is a Game of Thrones-inspired tea towel featuring Arya’s kill list with artwork by Fiona Gacki and a Nevernight-inspired fan designed by Ashley Diers– perfect for Ottawa’s on-again-off-again heatwaves.

Finally, the one item I forgot to photograph before selling it to someone who wanted it more than I did, a Serpent & Dove metal bookmark designed by Viktoria Ridzel (who did the character art) and Her Paper World (who designed the quote side). You can probably find photos of it all over Instagram because it was so CUTE! I just don’t really use bookmarks.

Overall I loved this months box! There were so many useful items and the book itself was SO beautiful! I really can’t wait to see what they include in future boxes!

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