I was super excited last week to receive my June FairyLoot box (which was delayed heavily due to COVID) and it lived up to the hype created by those who had received it before me! This month’s box featured not one, but TWO books, one of which doesn’t come out until early next year! It was also packed full of other useable and adorable goodies.

First up are the two books: Forest of Souls by Lori M. Lee and The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna. Forest of Souls was a book that I’ve been really looking forward to reading for quite a while. The FairyLoot edition is signed by Lori and has exclusive artwork on the opposite side of the dust jacket.

I’ve also been looking forward to reading The Gilded Ones, but I wasn’t expecting to be able to read it until February, 2021! This paperback copy has blue sprayed edges and a gold foiled cover. How gorgeous is this?!

Next up comes a pin inspired by The Shadows Between Us designed by Jazhawk Designs. It features a quote from the book that says “Love Is An Excellent Motivator to Kill.”

A stunning print inspired by Blood Heir was drawn by @arz28 was also included as well as a patch based on The Starless Sea designed by Dust and Pages.

The fourth item is a super cute teapot-shaped tea strainer inspired by everyone’s favourite children’s story, Alice in Wonderland! To go with your tea are four Avatar: The Last Airbender designed by Noverantale. Finally, to keep up with the cozy vibes from these last few items, some The Bone Season sock created by Team FairyLoot. I literally wore them right from the get-go and they are SO comfy!

Overall I LOVED this box and how many useful items were in it! I’ve been with FairyLoot on and off for almost a year and every box I got has been consistently amazing! I can’t wait to see what gets included in future boxes!

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