I *may* have stalked the poor DHL driver once I got the notification that my Shades of Magic box from Illumicrate was in town…that is how excited I was for this box! A Darker Shade of Magic turns five this year and it’s one of my favourite series of all time, so when I heard Illumicrate was doing a special edition box to celebrate, I knew I had to have it! Knowing how much I love the series, my partner wound up buying it for me as a gift! Thank you, M! ❤

This box came with a signed exclusive hardback of A Darker Shade of Magic (though it was so popular that they also did a second run of the box with an unsigned edition). It has a naked foiled hardcover, with gorgeous silver sprayed edges and even more stunning endpapers with artwork from Em Allen. This edition is quite a bit smaller than my US collectors set, but a heck of a lot prettier! I can’t wait to see how the other two will look to match it!

To go with this edition, a set of dust jackets were included by my all-time favourite artist Rosiethorns! These jackets are STUNNING and are also ambigrams (meaning they can be flipped and still have the spine read the same title)! I can’t wait to move into a bigger home to I can hang these up on the wall (yep, I have zero intention of hiding these away on my shelf)!

Speaking of things I want to hang on the wall, check out this Essen Tasch commemorative poster by Sylvia Bi! I love the colours and again, can’t wait to have more space to hang things!

It’s getting a lot cooler here, so one item that was absolutely perfect is a super pretty blanket by Yoshi Yoshitani. It features all four Londons in the series and is SO incredibly soft! There was also an additional fabric item! A microfibre cloth by Victoria Yang featuring Lila and Alucard!

One item I put to use almost immediately was this booksleeve by Laila Lopez (illustration side) and Chatty Nora (quote side). It’s made of a pleather-like material and is super sturdy!

Illumicrate usually includes gorgeous enamel pins with their boxes and this one was no exception. However, this pin was MASSIVE! It was designed by Stacey McEvoy-Caunt and was inspired by Laila’s mask!

Finally, HOW CUTE are these acrylic character figures designed by Monolime?! There is even a tiny Victoria Schwab with them!!!

Overall, I was super thrilled with this box and with how many useful items there were! Illumicrate has yet to disappoint!

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