My August Illumicrate box arrived a couple weeks ago and I finally have time to post my unboxing! This month’s theme was Identity Crisis and included items inspired by Mistborn, the Illuminae Files, The Lunar Chronicles and more. This box felt a liiittle empty, but that’s only because one of the items didn’t arrive to IC on time to make it in, so I’m especially looking forward to seeing how it looks in my September box!

I’ll start straight off with the book! This month’s book is The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson and is one I am really looking forward to reading! The Illumicrate edition has lines instead of circles and BRIGHT fuschia sprayed edges! While I still prefer the US cover (probably the only book where I like the US cover over the UK), I adore the colours of this edition and the gorgeous spine! Thor can be seen modelling it in the photo along with the monthly collectors pin by Stacey McEvoy-Caunt.

Now for the items! Again, one was missing, but I still loved the other items! There was a gorgeous Percy Jackson inspired book tin designed by Chatty Nora, which was stunning both on the outside AND inside! A shiny Mistborn print by Alice Maria Power was also included, and while I don’t really care for prints, I love the holographic shine over it!

One item that has been SUPER useful to me was The Huntress nail oil by Madame Alchemie. It was inspired by We Hunt The Flame and smells INCREDIBLE! Hopefully it can help fix my wonky-looking nails.

Last but not least, was a gorgeous pin hoop by Felfira Moon Designs featuring a quote from AIDAN from the Illuminae Files. I love collecting bookish enamel pins so this is so perfect for my sci-fi pins!

The missing item was a tumbler inspired by The Lunar Chronicles designed by Forensics and Flowers. I’ll be sure to update this post once I get it!

UPDATE – Lunar Chronicles tumbler added below!

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