4/5 stars

*I received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. A big thank you to Wednesday Books/St. Martin’s Press for letting me be a part of this blog tour!

Welcome to Thor and I’s stop on the blog tour for A Golden Fury! We are so excited to be a part of this! This book has been on my TBR for some time, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to be able to read an ARC.

A Golden Fury is the stunning debut novel written by Samantha Cohoe. It follows the story of Theosebeia (Theo) Hope, an alchemist living under the shadow of her extremely successful and controlling mother. After everything goes wrong right as they are about to finally complete the fabled Philosopher’s Stone, Theo is sent to England to stay with a father she has never met, but she does not go empty-handed. Instead, she travels with her mother’s notes about the stone and the knowledge that those who try to create it will only find themselves cursed to lose their sanity in the process. She quickly finds that the knowledge she carries of the stone has put her at risk as other alchemists are trying to create the stone and won’t heed Theo’s warnings about the curse.

This book is seriously such a wild ride! It is only 352 pages, but it feels a lot longer- in a good way! SO much happens throughout the book with so many twists and turns that I was left breathless by the end. I absolutely loved how unpredictable the plot was. Every time I thought it was going to go a certain way, the story would veer in a completely different direction.  

Just like the plot, the characters themselves were unpredictable. There was no way in knowing which characters were trustworthy, or if they had other motives or intentions. One thing for certain, many of the characters wind up being very different people by the end of the book.

I found Theosebeia herself to be pretty capricious as well. When she seems to start to lean towards one action, she might quickly decide to do the opposite. Despite this, I found her to be such a fascinating character. She is a young woman who was raised without the barriers and social expectations of young women back in the late 1700s and she quickly finds herself quite stuck between two very opposing worlds; one where women are oppressed and expected to be quiet and submissive, and the cloistered one her mother had built where the only thing worth paying attention to was alchemy. This makes her interactions with other characters quite intriguing. Especially as she is very conscious of how she is expected to act or even dress for both worlds, but almost always decides to do things her own way anyway.

A Golden Fury is out next week on October 13, 2020! You can pre-order your copy from Indigo or through your local bookseller!

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