5/5 stars

*I received an ebook copy through Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review. A huge thank you to them and to Tor Publishing for putting up with my endless requests for this book giving me this opportunity to read it!

It’s been a week since I’ve finished reading The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. (Victoria) Schwab and so far I’ve spent each day wondering how the hell I could possibly manage to put together the words I need to properly express everything I felt upon turning the final page.

This book was the most anticipated book of this year for me. Seriously. I have four different editions coming in the mail and I’m still worried I missed out on one (beautiful Forbidden Planet edition, I regret not buying thee). If you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you’ll likely have seen all my posts about how much I adore Victoria Schwab’s writing, down to the point where I have an As Travars tattoo done in Schwab’s handwriting on my arm.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a beautifully written book about Adeline LaRue, a young woman living in a small village in 17th century France. While the people in her village spend their entire lives there, living and dying within village limits, Adeline longs for more. As the years fly by, she starts to feel more and more trapped due to gender constraints, before an arranged marriage becomes a tipping point for her. She flees into the forest on her wedding day and meets a god of darkness and shadows. With him she makes a bargain, immortality and freedom in exchange for giving up her soul when she is done experiencing what the world has to offer. However, the bargain quickly becomes a curse as she soon finds out that while she is immortal, people are not able to remember who she is, nor is she able to tell anyone her name, or leave any sort of lasting mark on the world. The story follows Addie as she spends 300 years being forgotten by everyone she meets, until she comes across a young man in New York who remembers her the next time they meet.

Most chapters are focused on Addie’s encounters, switching between 2014 and the years leading up to it. About halfway through, Henry’s story is added into the mix and the story splits between Addie’s quest to leave a mark on the world and Henry’s search for happiness. I really felt that each character was perfectly written and the relationships between them felt so real because they weren’t completely perfect. It was especially fascinating for me to see how the relationship between Addie and the being (who Addie calls Luc) evolves over the years. Luc is the only constant in her life, as well as the only being who remembers her and knows her story. As the years progress and Addie better understands her curse and her curse giver, Luc, the power dynamic between them starts to shift.

This book took me on a tour of every single emotion and definitely left me a sobbing mess by the end. I’m not the most attentive reader (I’m guilty of reading too quickly and unintentionally missing things), but with Addie, I clung to every single sentence, giving myself time to properly absorb the impact of each sentence. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue re-ignited my love of travel and helped make my 2020 a little easier by living vicariously through Addie’s travels. This is a book is a stunning homage to art and travel and will definitely be keep in a special part in my heart!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is available at all major book retailers. I definitely think you need to drop what you’re reading and grab yourself a copy if you haven’t already! I’m so excited to receive my copies and will definitely be posting a quick blog post with them once they all arrive.

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