Is it just me, or has Fairyloot been killing it with their box themes this fall? Literally every single box announcement has me so excited and this one was no exception! September’s theme was Under the Sea and every item fit so perfectly with the book of the month, Fable by Adrienne Young. I already reviewed Fable earlier this year and LOVED IT, so I was excited to find this exclusive copy in my box! The Fairyloot edition has an absolutely gorgeous exclusive cover, glittery sprayed edges, and is signed by the author.

The first item that caught my eye was the ocean themed hair brush designed by Tara Spruit. To go with it was a Sea Witch-inspired pencil case designed by Ink and Wonder. It is the PERFECT size to fit books, or little knick knacks for travel (once we’re able to safely travel again).

For travelling with drinks, metal re-usable straws were included with one the PERFECT size for drinking bubble tea! I’ve been looking for one this size for a while and I am so pleased with these!

How gorgeous is the To Kill a Kingdom mug designed by Gabrielle Ragusi?! There is a quote on the inside bottom as well which I thought was a really nice touch! While I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, I do adore the illustration!

Another usable item is the Little Mermaid inspired Ursula keychain designed by Love You More Studio.

Earlier in the year, they included a gorgeous postcard from Velaris. This month there was a postcard from Atlantis! How cute is it?!

Finally, the tarot cards in this box were Nevernight themed, but I’ve been unlucky with them recently and didn’t get mine due to them being held up in customs! I’ll update this post with a photo of them once I receive them.

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