I’m bad for impulse buys and there are some special edition boxes I wind up regretting. Illumicrate’s Poppy War set however, is one where I’ve been thanking Past-Isabel constantly after it arrived a few weeks ago. This series is high on my TBR and I’m really hoping to start reading it over the holidays!

The Illumicrate set is absolutely stunning and features the UK covers with new foiling, gorgeous illustrated covers behind the dust jackets by Jhoanne Castro, hidden covers, and smokey printed edges. The illustrations behind the dust jackets are probably my favourite and I seriously debated flattening them out to frame!

The box also featured a dragon and pheonix pin set by Yoshi Yoshitani, a double-sided metalmark featuring artwork by Kamilla and Katie from HerPaperWorld, and finally a massive art print with foil details and characters from the series by Nicko Tumamak.

Thoughts? Did anyone else buy the set without reading it first?

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