I just realized I haven’t shared my unboxing of one of my favourite book boxes I received this year (the other being Illumicrate’s October box)! October’s theme was Wicked Hearts and had a book that I’m very excited to read: Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalo. I’m currently saving it to be my first read of 2021 so I can start the year off with a good book! The Fairyloot edition is STUNNING. It has an exclusive cover featuring lavender flowers and accents instead of gold, has a hidden cover under the dust jacket by Salome Totladze (which you can see the full artwork here), embossing on the hardcover once again by Salome, and gorgeous stenciled edges. In addition to all this, subscribers also received a special deleted chapter! This is seriously one of my most beautiful books to receive this year!

Isn’t is beautiful?! The box also came with Kingdom of the Wicked-inspired salt and pepper shakers designed by Noverantale and an art print/author letter of Wrath featured with more artwork by Salome.

Also in the box was a jig-saw puzzle featuring Jacks from the Caraval series with artwork by Sally Pham, Kylo Ren (my bae!) stickers designed by Dri, and a gorgeous Young Elites-inspired pin by Alchemy & Ink.

Finally, there were Castlevania-inspired socks (that I immediately shoved on my feet) designed by Jennifer Hawkyard, two more Crescent City tarot cards (with Aidas!!!) and a deck of cards with art by @arz28.

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