3/5 stars

*I received an e-ARC of We Are The Fire from Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Macmillan for giving me an opportunity to read this book!

When I had the opportunity to read We Are the Fire by Sam Taylor a little early, I was so excited! Everything about this book seemed right up my alley, but after reading it, I felt it was missing something. I was so engrossed for the first half where SO much happens and events just fly by, but the second half dragged on and built up to a climax that just flopped for me. The ending felt incredibly rushed (I glanced at how many pages I had left and realized there were only a few left with SO much left to resolve) and felt a little choppy.

We Are The Fire is set in the fictional country of Vesimaa, where children are torn away from their families and transformed into fire-wielding soldiers called Tuliikobrets. The story is told in third person from two perspectives, Pran and Oksana, both Tuliikobrets themselves who long to be free of their enslavement in the army, but both have different ideas of what their freedom entails. Pran wants revenge and to take down his oppressors, while Oksana just wants to go home and live out a quiet, peaceful life with Pran. As the events of the book unfold, their ambition and their love is put to test when they realize what the other is willing to do to be free.

The two main characters are a couple from the start, but I just didn’t feel their relationship as strongly as I had with couples in other books. To me, their relationship lacked a certain spark that made them feel more like close friends rather than two people who are in love. That being said, I adored the friendships between Pran, Oksana and other characters.

We Are the Fire is out on February 16,2021. You can order it online from your local bookstore.

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