I’m super excited to show you my unboxing of Illumicrate’s February 2021 box! February’s theme was The City is Ours and the featured book was A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth (set in Toronto!). The Illumicrate edition came with gorgeous pink sprayed edges, is signed by the author, and had a little postcard with character art.

February’s box was packed full of goodies, including:

-A trinket plate (or snack transporter) with The Gilded Wolves-inspired artwork by Fez Inkwright

-A Crescent-City-inspired umbrella designed by Chatty Nora

-A Cemetery Boys-inspired wooden coaster by no0nedesigns

-A “Money Talks Bullsh*t Walks” card holder, inspired by The City We Became designed by designedbydg

-A stunning print inspired by The Falconer series illustrated by Jess Taylor

-and finally, a pin inspired by this month’s book by Stacey McEvoy Caunt

Apologies if any of my photos appear blurry. I’m not too sure what happened in the upload process. 😦

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