Happy Sunday! Today I’m excited to share my unboxing for Illumicrate’s July box: Never Enough! This is my last full box with Illumicrate as I’ve switched to book-only for the next little while to try and reduce the number of items I have in my home. This month’s book was She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan. The Illumicrate edition has an exclusive cover with a red cover instead of orange, stunning gold foiling and even more beautiful ombre and stenciled edges! HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS?!

Items included in this box were:

-A Rosiethorns88 mug featuring artwork based on The Poppy War

-An acrylic frame designed by Crown & Fable featuring Red Rising artwork by Merwild

-A pocket mirror designed by Tia Kinsman

-A decorative bust of Lila Bard (A Darker Shade of Magic) designed by Avendell

-A fan with artwork inspired by Descendent of the Crane done by Feifei Ruan

Overall, I loved the book and the mug, but wasn’t too crazy about the rest of the box…especially the Lila Bard bust. It’s an item that really creeps me out.

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